domenica 20 aprile 2008

Veronica Green "Colombi santi o peccatori?"

Veronica Green is a young artist from New Zealand, graduated at the University of Fine Arts of Massey (New Zealand).
Since 2006 she took part to many personal and collective exhibitions.

Presentation of the artist, by himself:
“In my undergraduate degree I studied Maori art in mythology and cosmology. More specifically I was studying the use of metaphors and symbols to visually represent a story.

Since I have graduated I have been researching birds and how they are used iconically and symbolically through out the world. I find this interesting as on such a international scale the use of the bird as an image is loaded with so many meanings.
What really inspired me about Venice was its mass population of birds and the connection it had on people. The use of the space in San Marco’s square as a congregational area. Between the Venetian architecture and the city scape Venice to me is a mystical magic land in which the birds seem to dominate over the human population.
More specifically I am interested in the role of the dove and how it interacts with in Venetian society from the past to the present. The pigeon is commonly misrepresented and I think it is important to depict a series of work to represent it for what it truly is and means.
In order to create this work I propose to research the history and stories behind the doves of Venice.
Through my research I will develop a series of designs that will then be refined into a series of final two dimensional paintings.”
Castello 3865 - 30122 Venezia +393497343853 - infospiazzi(at)